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Dues Structure

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The base investment for chamber membership is $390.00 for most businesses. 

Dues may increase depending on business size. Find the business sector that best fits your business type below. 

(1-12 rooms): $390.00

For 13 rooms or more, add $7.00 per single-room unit. For multi-room units, add $12.00 per room. (A single-room unit includes hotel rooms or studios. Multi-room units are one or more bedroom units.)

Lodging Dues Calculation:

$390.00 + (_______________ X __________) =__________________
*** Base Investment  + (# of units/rooms) x  (add. rate) =  Membership Dues

Price:  $390.00

Professional Membership includes Real Estate Agents, Doctors, Dentists, Attorneys, Engineers, etc. The base investment includes one professional staff and one support staff. Add $55.00 per each additional full-time staff member.

Professional Dues Calculation:

$390.00 + (________ X $50.00 ) = ______________
*** Base Investment  + (# of F.T.E. x $50) = Membership Dues

(1-25 seats): $390.00

If your restaurant has 26 seats or more, add $7.00 per seat.

Restaurant Dues Calculation:

$390.00 + (_________________ X $7.00) = _______________
***Base Investment + (# seats beyond 26 x $7.00) =  Membership Dues

500 square feet or less.........................................$390.00 base investment
501-15,000 square feet........................................$450.00 base investment
15,000+ square feet............................................ calculated by sq.ft. (see below)

Retail Membership Dues Calculation for 15,000+ sq.ft
Calculation is based on sales floor, not storage.
The first 10,000 sqft are calculated at x 15¢, additional square footage is calculated at 05¢ per sq. ft plus your base investment of $450. (Note, the retail dues investment membership does not exceed $2,000).

Price: $390.00

Above rate applies, or $40.00 per full-time employee, whichever is greater (2 part-time empl. or 2 seasonal empl. = 1 full-time empl.)

Service Dues Calculation:

________________ + (________ X $40.00 ) = ___________________
***Base Investment (# of FTE x $40.00) = Membership Dues

Price: $390.00

Fees are the Base Investment plus $80 / per million in total assets.

Financial Dues Calculation:

$390.00 + (_________________ X $80.00 ) = _______________
***Base Investment + (# per million in assets x $80) = Membership Dues

Price: $140.00

A non-voting membership for any individual who is neither a business owner nor trying to promote a business. (Seasons pass discounts do not apply to this membership type.)

Price: $200.00

(Real Estate Agents, Massage Therapists, Ski Instructors, etc.) A special, non-voting membership for an individual who is currently employed by a current chamber member business, but wants to market their services separately.

Price: $200.00

Your organization qualifies for not-for-profit pricing if it is an NGO or non-governmental organization that is classified as not-for-profit for taxation purposes. For questions regarding membership dues and calculations, please contact Maria Chavez [email protected].

The chamber invoices on a calendar-year basis (January – January). Once members receive their annual invoice, they have 10 days to cancel their membership in order to receive no penalties. If membership is canceled after the 10-day period and the business would like to rejoin within that same year, the business will be required to pay all back dues in order for the membership to be reinstated. If dues are not received within 90 days of their annual invoice, membership will automatically be disabled. If a member has any problems or concerns with their chamber membership, please contact the chamber immediately so that we may be aware of your concerns.