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Ribbon Cutting from Vicious Cycle

Vision, Mission, Purpose 

Helping maintain responsible growth has long been one of our main priorities, and it has become an integral part of our purpose statement: ..."to support, promote and increase business opportunities in Winter Park & The Fraser Valley." 

The Winter Park & Fraser Chamber was established in 1973 and is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (6). Our membership is comprised of approximately 350 area business owners and operators who are directly or indirectly engaged in commerce fueled by the tourism industry in our area.

Located in downtown Winter Park, the Chamber and Information Center are housed together in a beautiful building that was built in 2020.  The Chamber is committed to promoting our member's businesses with the goal of creating a prosperous and healthy community.

The Chamber provides a variety of services to the community...

  • Producing diverse special events such as music festivals, foot races, golf tournaments and mountain bike races, which attract visitors to our area;
  • Create a strong nation-wide marketing program that promotes Winter Park & Fraser.
  • We also serve local area businesses with programs and projects that enhance the economic vitality of the region.
  • In addition, we maintain a physical presence in the community by staffing the Winter Park Information Center where we distribute information, brochures and collateral material.

Together, we are building a better community.

Vision Statement

Winter Park & The Fraser Valley has a vibrant, dynamic and sustainable business community.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Winter Park & Fraser Chamber to implement programs of work and act as a resource and provide tools that assist businesses to become vibrant, dynamic and sustainable.

Purpose Statement

It is the purpose of the Winter Park & Fraser Chamber to support, promote and increase business opportunities.