Grand Backcountry

Mountain Adventures for all Abilities and Ages

Whether you're looking for a wild or tame backcountry experience Winter Park won't disappoint - there is something for adventure seekers of every experience level. Safety is of the utmost importance so be sure to know before you go and have the training and preparedness you need (see links below). 

How Do You Backcountry?

Early Morning Turns

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Your alarm sounds from your bedside table. It’s 4:30am. Too early for the rest of the world to be awake, but just right for you.

You crawl out of bed and peer through the window blinds. Fresh snow. About 3 inches. There will probably be more up at Berthoud Pass.

The morning is setting up nicely for making some turns.

You pull on your clothes and eat a quick snack as you make final preparations for your morning outing. Your pack is stuffed with your beacon, probe, and shovel, an extra layer of clothes, some water and food. You double check to make sure you have your skis, boots, poles, skins, and helmet, and head out the door.

Mountain mornings have a quiet that fills the air unlike any other place in the world. If you stand still enough and listen hard enough, you can almost hear them breathing.

It’s this peacefulness that backcountry brings to your life. A few friends will be meeting you this morning. Not thousands of people at a ski resort. You will climb to the top of the mountain with the help of an alpine touring set up and a pair of skins; not with the help of a ski lift. You will make beautiful turns in untouched powder, and you won’t have to race the masses to get to them.

Backcountry really is less and more all at the same time.

Experience the Backcountry