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Guide to the Winter Park Express


January 7th, 2017 the Winter Park Express took its Inaugural trip up the tracks from Denver Union Station to Winter Park Resort and began it’s weekend service to the slopes. The ‘Ski Train’ has a history that dates back to 1912 and officially stopped running in 2009 because of cost. The restoration of the Winter Park Express means the return of beginning the ski day well before friends and family hit their first chairlift. Winter Park Resort is the ONLY ski resort in America with rail access and the Winter Park Express is a MUST-try for those looking to hit the slopes with us this Winter Season in Winter Park, Colorado!

The Winter Park Express leaves Denver Union Station at 7:00 AM promptly and makes the approximately 2-hour trip, through 28 tunnels, with scenic views of Colorado country to arrive at Winter Park Resort at 9:00 AM. The views from the train are spectacular starting with the Denver city sunrise, followed by views into Rocky Mountain National Park and after 9 minutes traveling through the Continental Divide via the Historic Moffat Tunnel, Winter Park

Day Itinerary: Winter Park Express

With the return of the Winter Park Express, visitors can now fly into Denver International Airport, take the A-Line to Downtown Denver and explore everything from 16th Street Mall to Larimer Square. Guests can stay right in the renovated Union Station or explore many of the fine accommodations right in the heart of Downtown Denver.

Hop on the Winter Park Express that begins boarding at 6:15 AM and leaves Denver Union Station at 7:00 AM to make its way to the mountains. De-board the train at 9:00 AM and enjoy a full day of skiing or snowboarding at Colorado’s Favorite Ski Resort, Winter Park Resort.

If you are only enjoying a day-trip, the Winter Park Express departs back down to Denver at 4:30 PM to arrive at Denver Union Station at 6:40 PM.

Amtrak is selling the tickets for the Winter Park Express. Passengers can buy one-way tickets and choose to head back down after a day of skiing or choose to stay and play in Winter Park! The Amtrak does run out of Fraser, Colorado daily so even if visitors decide to make a long weekend or week of their mountain escape, they will be able to find a rail ride back down to the big city! Check out mid-week lodging deals on our Hot Deals Page!

FAQ's Courtesty of Winter Park Resort

If I am staying the night at one of the lodging properties what do I do with my luggage when I de-board?

Winter Park Resort and some of the town properties in and around the town of Winter Park, will be offering convenient luggage shuttle service. This will allow you to check your luggage at the train platform so you can begin enjoying your day immediately. You luggage will be transported t the lodging property you are staying at and will be waiting for you when you check-in.

Those passengers that are staying the night and have overnight luggage will be boarded on the last train car(s). This will allow you to de-board closest to the luggage shuttle services. Shuttle buses will be available at the lodge van pickup area (by First Bridge), exit South end of platform. Pleas have your luggage marked and hand to the shuttle bus service attendant for loading.

Below is a list of the lodging properties at Winter Park Resort and in or around the town of Winter Park that will be providing this luggage shuttle service:

If I want to go into town after I de-board the Winter Park Express, How do I get there?

Whether you and staying the night or are just visiting for a day trip, there is a Free transportation service with The Lift Service. Take public transportation between the resort and the towns of Winter Park & Fraser. Before your trip, download the RideHop App and use the access code: lift. All buses to town leave from the Cabriolet Way at the bus circle on the south end of the village. Most guests will find this walk-able from where they will de-board the train.