Le Feet Lab

78878 US Highway 40
Winter Park, CO 80482
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  • Le Feet Lab, located in downtown Winter Park, off US 40, specializes in making custom orthotics / footbeds and selling Dalbello ski boots and ZipFit liners. Owner Jacques Thomas founded Le Ski Lab (since renamed Le Feet Lab) in 1979 to offer skiers and snowboarders and other sports enthusiasts the same state-of-the-art custom bootfitting that's provided to the top athletes in the world. For two years, Jacques worked with renowned orthopedic doctor Biff Kramer, and his intense interest in feet led Jacques to develop his own line of custom orthotics. With a background in aeronautical engineering, Jacques is constantly experimenting with new products and techniques to come up with the perfect fit.
    • Sports and footwear
    • Custom Orthotics/Footbeds
    • Custom Ski boot
    • Custom Boot Fittings
    • Background in Aeronautical Engineering