Beavers Sports Shop

78665 US Highway 40 (at The Best Western)
Winter Park, CO 80482
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Save 30% Ski & Snowboard Rentals PLUS pay for days you use your gear!
Locally owned and founded in 1995, Winter Park's best mountain bike, ski/snowboard rental shops. 
Take D-Leep Trail in Winter Park Colorado
Beavers Sports Shop located onsite at the Best Western Hotel in downtown Winter Park
Scenic singletrack in Winter Park Colorado
Riding into the Idlewild Trails in Winter Park Colorado
Clipless Pedals by Crank Brothers, Shimano Flat Pedals by Flat, DMR V11, Deity, Race Face
Full Service Bike Shop
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  • Locally owned and operated since 1995, Winter Park's best Ski/Snowboard Rental and Mountain Bike Shops

    We are a Pivot and Scott bike dealer. Beavers Sports Shop offers quality retail bikes that emphasize the best bike for your experience. We have mountain bikes for the vast cross country trail system in Winter Park as well as bikes for Trestle and Granby Ranch bike parks. Ride to the trails directly from our shop, no need to transport your bike. We have trail maps routes for you to ride. Summer location Beaver Sports Shop in downtown Winter Park at the Best Western Hotel. Visit our Bike Shop

    Save 30% Ski/Snowboard Rentals

    • 3 Convenient Locations & Delivery | Beaver Sports Shop in downtown Winter Park, Ski4Less at Winter Park Mountain Lodge near Winter Park Resort Base & Snow Mountain Sports at YMCA near Granby Ranch for ski/snowboard rentals and delivery