Fraser River Trail near Winter Park, Colorado

Fraser River Trail

Trail Map & Ride Description

Fraser River Trail

Shorter, Family-Friendly Trail

Easiest | 5.5 Miles | 772' Ascent

With little elevation gain, this trail is perfect for beginning mountain bike riders and families.

The Fraser River Trail is a paved trail that goes from Fraser to Winter Park Resort. This is also a favorite walking and roller blading trail.
This is the easiest ride in the area, with the least amount of physical exertion and skill. The trail from Fraser to Winter Park parallels the meadow, then goes through the town of Winter Park. Cyclists have a choice of either riding on the sidewalk (either side, carefully and yielding to pedestrians) or riding on the highway (following the same rules of the road as a driver of a motor vehicle).
At the traffic light at Vasquez Road, the trail crosses from the west side of the road to the east. You are now back on the bike path. The trail winds along the river and through the Idlewild campground, under the highway to Trademark Drive in Old Town. Veer right to Winter Park Drive. Turn left at Winter Park Drive, right at Old Town Drive and follow to Winter Park Resort. Picnic tables and benches are located along the trail. Be sure to be aware of other users on the trail. Retrace your route to return to town.

Starting Point: Winter Park Resort, Alco Center or Downtown Winter Park.

Driving Directions: To start at Winter Park Resort, head towards Berthoud pass out of town to the Winter Park Resort. Park anywhere at the resort and ride back towards town on Winter Park Drive which eventually veers left. Then take your first right on Trademark Drive. You will see the Fraser River Trail on your left. From Fraser, Park in Alco and access the bike path between the Alco Shopping Center and Highway 40. The Fraser River Trail runs directly through town on the side walks and starts on the east side of the road as you go to Winter Park Resort and the west side of the road as you head to Fraser.

Full Trail Details

Easiest | 11.55 miles | +772 ft 

This family-friendly ride follows the mellow grade of the paved and dirt bike paths around Fraser and Winter Park.  It can be be done as a 6.8 mile northern loop, a 4.8 mile southern "there and back" or full 11.5 mile tour.

  • 0.0 miles- Start at “Winter Park Information Center” and head north on sidewalk/bike path for .6 miles.
  • 0.6 miles- Right on “Telemark Dr.” for 0.1 miles.
  • 0.7 miles- Left on “Fraser River Trail” for 0.6 miles.
  • 1.3 miles- Cross “Rendezvous Road” and continue on “Fraser River Trail” for 1.7 miles.
  • 3.0 miles- Cross “CR 804” and continue on “Fraser River Trail” for .5 miles.
  • 3.5 miles- Left on “CR 8” for .3 miles and then carefully cross Hwy 40.
  • 3.8 miles- South (left) on bike path/sidewalk for 3 miles to “Rendezvous Way” in Winter Park.
  • 6.8 miles- Cross Hwy 40 at signaled crosswalk and head south for an additional there and back ride towards ski area.
  • 6.8 miles- Continue south on sidewalk and then bike path for 2.4 miles at intersection with “Trademark Dr.”
  • 9.2 miles- Return on bike path and sidewalk for 2.4 miles to “Winter Park Information Center.”
  • 11.6 miles- End of ride at “Winter Park Information Center.”

Cruiser Bikes on the Fraser River Trail

Fraser River Trailhead near Winter Park, Colorado

Fraser River Trailhead