Winter Park Mountain Biking Trail Maps

St. Louis Creek Trail

Easy, Family-Friendly Rides

St. Louis Creek

Easy |  7.8 miles |  +385 ft  

This family-friendly figure-eight loop is a mix of single track and roads. It has a mild elevation profile and is a good introduction to mountain biking on trails.

LOCAL TIP: Use COTREX, a mobile and desktop application for a statewide comprehensive and interactive trail map, to find the perfect trails and stay up-to-date on any closures.

  • 0.0 miles- Start at “Fraser Outdoor Activity Center,” and behind building access “Fraser River Bike Path” first east and then north for .5 miles.
  • 0.5 miles- Turn left on “CR 8” for .2 miles then carefully cross “US Hwy 40.”
  • 0.7 miles- Turn right and follow sidewalk/bike path north  for .3 miles.
  • 1.0 miles- Turn left and on “CR 5” for .2 miles.
  • 1.2 miles- Turn left on “CR 50” for .4 miles.
  • 1.6 miles- Turn left on “CR 731” for .8 miles and the “Rodeo Ground” parking lot.
  • 2.2 miles- Continue west for 1.2 miles on “Givelo” single track.
  • 3.4 miles-Turn right on “Northwest Passage” single track for  1.4 miles.
  • 4.8 miles- Turn right on “CR 50” for .5 miles.
  • 5.3 miles- Turn right on “CR 50s” for  1 mile.
  • 6.3 miles- Turn left on “Givelo” single track for  .9 miles.
  • 7.2 miles-Turn left on “CR 73” for .1 miles.
  • 7.3 miles- Turn left on “Carriage Rd” for .1 miles.
  • 7.4 miles- Turn right on “Eisenhower Dr.” for .3 miles.
  • 7.7 miles- Turn right on “US Hwy 40” for .1 miles.

  • 7.8 miles- Cross “US Hwy 40” at “Fraser Outdoor Activity Center” and end of loop.
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