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The Short-Term Fix Program

Short Term Fix Program UPDATE: The Town of Winter Park's Short-Term Fix 2021/22 budget has been exhausted and applications are no longer being excepted. 

Town of Winter Park is offering incentives to property owners who convert their short-term rental property into long-term  workforce housing. Winter Park business owners will be the party entering into a six- or 12-month lease with the property owner. The business owner will then sublease the property to their employees. In this way, the property owner can hold the business owner responsible for any damage to their unit. Those interested in long-term renting can contact either the Chamber or Town staff.  

Interested parties should fill out an interest form found at the bottom of this page [insert link to jump down page to forms]. Your eligibility for the program will be reviewed by a committee. Once a property owner is approved, he or she will receive a list of businesses interested in a lease. After the property owner and eligible business have signed a master lease, the property owner will submit a copy of the contract and signed program contract to receive the Short-Term Fix incentive from the Town.

Incentives are structured as follows: 

Studios and 1-bedroom units  |  six-month lease ($5,000)  |  12-month lease ($10,000)

2- and 3-bedroom units  |  six-month lease ($10,000)  |  12-month lease ($20,000)

*These incentives would be paid up-front and are in addition to the revenue the property owner would receive from the rental of their property.  

Requirements & Eligibility:

  • Property must be located within the Fraser Recreation District boundaries (Winter, Fraser, Tabernash, Meadowridge, etc.).
  • Property owners would enter into a six- or 12-month master lease with a Winter Park small business (50 employees or fewer). 
  • Eligible units must be a minimum of 300 square feet. 
  • Eligible dwelling units shall include a kitchen (sink, refrigerator, and range) and a full bathroom (sink, toilet, and shower or bathtub). 
  • The dwelling unit must have a separate entrance from any adjoining units and have adequate parking. 
  • Second homes that have never been long-term leased or short-term rented are eligible. 
  • Existing short-term rental units must be in good standing with the Town.

Not eligible: 

  • Hotels, bed & breakfasts, and other traditional lodging properties are not eligible
  • New short-term rentals with first bookings after August 1, 2021, are not eligible 
  • Rental units that have been long-term leased within the past two years (lease of more than one month) 

How to Get Involved 

  • Fill out and submit the interest form below.
  • Your information will be reviewed by committee. Be advised, the committee may ask follow-up questions to ensure eligibility. 
  • You will receive a letter of initial approval, offered incentive, and list of interested businesses. 
  • Reach out to eligible local businesses, negotiate master lease or licensing agreement. 
  • Provide the Town with a copy of the agreement with an eligible local business, sign a program acknowledgment, and submit a W9 for incentive payout.


Interest Forms

Form for interested property owners

Form for interested businesses

More Questions? 

If you have further questions regarding the Short-Term Fix program as either a property owner or business owner, we encourage you to contact the Town directly at 970-726-8081 x 209.