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Mountain Bike Capital USA

Put Some Mountains In Your Mountain Biking

Mountain Bike Capital USA™, Winter Park, CO

Mountain Bike Capital USA™

Why is Winter Park Known as Mountain Bike Capital USA™?

With over 600 miles of cross-country trails and two downhill bike parks, we've got it all: mellow rides, heart-thumping epic singletrack adventures and gravity-fed adrenaline. Found your favorite trail or bike park yet? Explore this site's trail maps, descriptions, local info and more. Winter Park plays host to numerous bike races and events all summer long. So whether you're the novice or seasoned cross-country or downhill racer or you're a casual biker looking to improve your skills, you're bound to find an event that will put a grin on your face. And of course, the after-parties are always a blast! You'll love it so much you'll want to live here Real Estate of Winter Park can help you out!

Put Some Mountains in Your Biking

Home to 2 World-Class Bike Parks

Over 600 Miles Of Trails

Mountain Bike Capital USA™