Bringing today's 'inspirational thought' leaders to Winter Park to fuel your ideas on March 6th


We are bringing today's inspirational thought leaders from all around Colorado to Winter Park to bring your ideas to life! Prepare for a night of seven accelerated presentations that will be powerful and compelling.

HYPE (Helping Young Professionals Excel) is designed as a summit for all Professionals Networks of Grand County, hosted by the Winter Park Young Professionals.

Tickets include one complimentary beverage at Ullrs Tavern, General Admission seating at the SpeakEasy at Silver Screen Cinema (downstairs next to Ullrs Tavern 78415 US Highway 40, Winter Park, CO 80482), followed by Ladies Night Dance Party at Ullrs.

This event is for 18 years old and up and open to the public.


Join us at The SpeakEasy at Silver Screen Cinema (downstairs next to Ullrs Tavern)

  • 5:00 - 5:45pm Social Networking at Ullrs Tavern
  • 6:00 - 8:00pm HYPE Event 
  • 8:30pm Ladies Night Dance Party at Ullrs

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EMCEE: Kolby Kolibas!


Kolby is an entrepreneur, author, revolutionary, teacher, student, husband and father.  He spent over 15 years in corporate America as an executive running sales and marketing for companies such as IBM, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Dell and many others. Kolby has built, sold and advised over 20 startups that have generated over 50 million dollars in revenue.



Peter Lynch: Aan award-winning entrepreneur, TEDx and keynote speaker, author, Top 50 podcaster, Fortune 500 executive and a patent holding inventor. But even more important, I am passionate about creating an experience that your team or conference will not forget! Read More.
Alexandria Agresta: Alexandria believes in creating a world where people fully align what they do to make money with what they do to experience meaning and fulfilment in their lives. Alexandria wakes up every day to empower purpose-driven coaches to turn their purpose to profit, so they can have a full-time income, full-time fulfilment and full-time freedom. Read More.
Chad James:  Chad James is an entrepreneur, coach and consultant living and working in his dream town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Chad James helps small business owners and entrepreneurs succeed faster, live better and create the lives they’ve always imagined. Over the past two decades, he’s driven his entrepreneur clients to explosive levels of growth and success. Millions of dollars worth of annual net profit increases, drastically re-styled lives and massive relationship improvements have given Chad an army of “forever clients”/ Chad has "been there", "done that" and "got the t-shirt" as they say.
Andrew Petty: Andrew is an executive coach with a strong focus and belief that self-leadership isn't the only thing, but it is the first thing. As a coach, consultant and speaker, Andrew works with senior leaders and their teams in a variety of industries, including construction, addiction treatment, and hospitality. He, his wife, Charis, and their two sons, Macgray ("Mac Attack") and Marshall ("Wiggles"), live in Steamboat Springs.
Shawn David: Sean David is a comedian living with social anxiety. Like most people, Sean thought he would be dead by the age of 30 so he jumped headfirst into the career he thought would offer him the most financial stability and he's been miserable ever since. Still alive at the age of 47, Sean is on a journey to finally do what he loves and help others in the process. Sean is a proud partner of OCD Advocate, Chrissie Hodges; and proud father of his son, Cooper... both of which are alive and well.
Adrienne Rivera: Adrienne Rivera is a health and mindset coach. Adrienne believes that the mind and the body are one. She works with clients one-on-one to help them find ways to access their true motivation and break free from their limiting beliefs. She works with individuals who have the strong ambition and desire to get fihleopem to find a routine and motivational strategies to get them excited about fitness and wellness. I will help you identify what is holding you back and give you a fitness routine that is fun and gets you the results you are looking for.
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