GrandStar Safety Requirements

Social Distance SignageGrandStar Business

6’ Distancing - Signs, decals, and staff all must be used to ensure people from different households remain at least 6’ apart. Describe how you will meet this requirement. You will be required to document pictures of these signs up in your business. 

Masks and Enforcement Plan

Masks are mandatory and enforced. Businesses must have mask wearing protocols for staff and customers. Businesses must have methods for enforcement of mask wearing & accommodating those not wearing masks. Describe how you will meet this requirement.

Regular Sanitation and Cleaning of High Touch Surfaces

Businesses must have plans for regular sanitation and cleaning of high touch surfaces. Describe how you will meet this requirement.

Employee Symptoms and Exposure Checks Daily Plan

Businesses must have daily employee symptoms and exposure checks. Describe how you will meet this requirement.

View GCPHE Employee’s Guide: Feeling Sick or Unwell Chart for more information. 

Customer Symptom Screening Plan 

Businesses must screen customers for symptoms of COVID-19. How will you do this for customers and what is your plan if people do not pass symptom screening?

Sufficient Quality Ventilation

Businesses must have sufficient quality ventilation - what is the ventilation in your facility and how does it meet the state required guidelines? (Filters upgraded, continuous operation of HVAC systems, limit recirculation. Maximize outdoor air supply through open doors and windows when possible.)

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