GrandStar Business Requirements

Contact Tracing Data CollectionGrandStar Business

Record Customer Names and Contact Info to support contact tracing - What tool will you use to collect contact info? At minimum, it is required to collect first name, last name, phone, email address, and the date and time they were in your facility. If you utilize an electronic reservation system, you can export that data to be shared. All contact information must be submitted in an electronic format to be accepted. (Acceptable formats include CSV, Xlsx, google sheets. Photos of handwritten contact info cannot be accepted) You will be required to submit this info to us weekly, and will need to acknowledge that you will do so. 

Data must be submitted at least once a week in a spreadsheet format. 
This process could change as we upgrade IT systems for the GrandStar program.  

Looking for an electronic way to keep track of this?

  • Suggestions include your reservation system export
  • A google form to have people fill out when they enter your facility
  • Envoy (visitor management software that tracks people by facility) Free version available
  • SwipedOn ( This has a monthly cost but it is minimal
  • Any other visitor management system that collects first name, last name, phone, and email. 

Business Specific Plans for Outbreak Detection, Reporting, and Response

Outbreak Detection
As a certified business, daily employee symptoms and exposure checks will be completed and employees are aware of the requirement to report results of positive tests for COVID-19. 

Outbreak Reporting
As a certified business, I agree to report to Grand County Public Health (GCPH) if two or more cases are confirmed within 14 days among employees, and that while working with GCPH to investigate the cases and source of possible exposures that the workplace/facility should temporarily close. In the event two positive cases are identified;

The COVID-19 outbreak report form will be completed and sent to GCPH. We will begin identifying staff with COVID-19-like symptoms using the CDPHE COVID-19 line list template. Working with GCPH, possible sources of exposure and close contacts will be identified to determine if longer-term closing is necessary.

Outbreak Response
As a certified business, if two or more cases are confirmed and a workplace exposure is suspected, the following steps will be taken;

  1. Send employees with symptoms of COVID-19 home immediately for isolation. Encourage them to get tested and consult a health care provider if needed. We will not encourage or allow sick employees to return to work until they can discontinue isolation.
  2. Healthy employees with recent exposure to a person with COVID-19 will be sent home to quarantine for 10 days.
  3. Higher-risk employees will remain out of the workplace when there is an outbreak, and accommodations will be offered (such as allowing telework or time off) during the outbreak period. 
  4. Ensuring strict compliance to wear face coverings for employees who remain onsite, and customers.
  5. Continuing to actively screen employees daily for fever, COVID-19 symptoms, and recent COVID-19 exposure before they enter the workplace/facility. These daily checks will be made using an employee health screening form. 

Exposure Notification Service Promotion

Businesses are required to have an exposure notification service promotion & a way to complete outreach to employees and customers. Describe how you will meet this requirement.

Special Hours

Special hours or accommodations for at-risk populations. Describe how you will meet this requirement.

Zero Prior Notification Service Promotion

In order to qualify for this program, you must have zero prior citations of noncompliance. A citation of noncompliance is either a state or local citation for a business that despite warnings and educational efforts, willfully violated the public health order. Please confirm that is the case here. If you have been cited for noncompliance you are not eligible for the GrandStar program unless the application has been reviewed and approved by the Administrative Committee.

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