Fat Biking

Fat Biking

Biking Never Ends in Winter Park

Biking doesn't stop when the snow falls in Winter Park — our bike tires just get a little bigger. With fat bikes, riders can keep playing on two wheels all winter long here in Winter Park.  In fact, most of the 600 miles of trails that are available in summer are still available after they're blanketed with snow. Find out more about where to rent and ride fat bikes on our snow-pack trails below.

Where to Ride

You can ride by yourself in the Arapaho National Forest, the endless miles of trails accessible from downtown Winter Park or groomed trails at local resorts like Devil's Thumb Ranch, Snow Mountain Ranch and Granby Ranch. Either way, be sure to visit some of our local outfitters before you embark on your next fat biking adventure.

Where to Rent

Beavers Sports Shop at the Best Western Hotel offers fat bike rentals just a short ride from Winter Park's trails. It's open every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Want to make sure you get a bike? Call 970.726.5988 to make a reservation. 

Devil's Thumb Ranch Adventure Center rents bicycles equipped with fat tires to use on the ranch's 20 km of biking-dedicated trails.

Icebox Mountain Sports rents fat bikes in Fraser. When you rent a bike, the experienced staff can give you the low down on the best places to ride in the Fraser Valley.  

Snow Mountain Ranch - YMCA of the Rockies rents fat bikes from its Nordic center. Bikes come in three adult sizes. The Nordic center features 10 km of groomed trails that are designated for the exclusive use of fat tire bikes.

Ski Broker located in Fraser rent fat bikes, snowshoes and of course skis too. Locally owned and operated Ski Broker Ski & Snowboard Shops have been servicing Winter, Fraser and beyond for 30 years!

Fat Biking in Winter Park, Colorado

Fat Biking Through Wooded Trails

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