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Gear Up for Summer

Training Tips for Biking and Trail Running

Get Ready for Summer

Summer is well on the way so its time to start preparing for biking and trail running season.  Start off right by exercising! If you begin training now, you’ll be in shape for a whole spectacular summer of adventure.

We recently got in touch with Lucy Lozar, Fitness Coordinator at the Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District, to get the local expert opinion on how to train for biking and trail running.

First off, one of the best ways to get in shape for biking or trail running is to…well, get out there and bike or run! Start with a slow, steady activity schedule and gradually work your way into summer shape. For instance, leisurely spring warm-ups along the Fraser River Trail will have you conditioned and ready to shred some singletrack later in the season!

Lucy also recommends exercises for your legs, such as squats, lunges, and step-up exercises; and your core, such as supine bridges, abdominal crunches, and Superman stretches. As with running or riding, remember to avoid getting too strenuous too fast. Start with easier exercises and gradually work your way into shape.

So what about your bike? You need to get your bike into shape too, right? Of course! The Fraser Valley offers many friendly area bike shops that are more than willing to help you out, such as Epic Mountain Sports in downtown Winter Park. Epic owner Katherine Mowrey recommends a little spring TLC for your bike: clean last season’s dirt and grease from your bike, and add a fresh coat of lubricant to the moving parts.

For more advanced tunes and repairs, such as brake service, tire-truing, or derailleur adjustments, Katherine recommends having your bike professionally serviced. A reputable bike shop can help with everything from a simple tune to a quick repair to even a custom build! Winter Park’s bike shops are more than helpful when it comes to everything Mountain Bike Capital USA™ as well. From tunes and repairs to trail info and maps, our bike shops have you covered!

So why should you and your bike start getting into summer shape? Cuz of all the fun summer running and biking activities we have planned, that’s why! Your inner child will find plenty of ways to play in Winter Park!

 Click here for a full schedule of biking events and races! Of course, if you ever have any questions about Winter Park, the hundreds of miles of trails in Mountain Bike Capital USA™, or all the other fun stuff happening this summer, give us a holler at the Chamber! Come explore our bigger playground!

To contact the Winter Park & Fraser Chamber, call 800.903.7275 or email [email protected].

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