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Sanders: MPHS mountain bike club, first race results

The MPHS mountain bike club members from the left; Nelson Oxley, Brendan Droll, Tyler Scholl, Aaron Sanders, Will Cleveland.
Photo Courtesy of Ann Sanders

The MPHS mountain bike club members from the left; Nelson Oxley, Brendan Droll, Tyler Scholl, Aaron Sanders, Will Cleveland.

Our Middle Park High School Mountain Bike Club had their first race of the Colorado High School League Saturday, August 27 in Frisco. For many it was their first ever mountain bike race. We should all be very proud of their accomplishments. Not only did they come in 8th out of 16 teams but they were 2nd place in the Spirit Award!!! Not a bad start for the season!

Fortunately the weather cooperated with warm temperatures and dry conditions.

The Colorado High School Mountain Bike League race courses are designed so that every skill level can accomplish the course. The ability level of the league racers range from the very high-end approaching world class to those who have only begun to mountain bike this year. The resulting courses are not only fun to ride but fun to race as well.

Our racers were both excited and a bit nervous which is normal at any competitive event. These races attract a lot of racers. Last year the average number of racers at each event was over 800. Races are split up in multiple start times so that the number of racers for any start time or field is rarely over 50. Still, taking off with 50 racers can be a bit nerve racking. There is the feeling of the heart pumping and your hands start to sweat as the start official begins the countdown. Soon you hear 5 4 3 2 1 GO! and they are off! Starts can be fast a furious. This was no different.

Our racers rode up a paved road to a slight climb before reaching the first trail. The race course consisted of rolling two-track and single track but no mountain bike course is absent of climbs, after all it is mountain biking. Climbs that seemed easy when pre-riding on Friday take on a new level of difficulty when you are riding hard. Everyone of our athletes rode at their limit but within their abilities. That is one of the hardest things as an athlete to do. Crowds lined the 6.25 mile course shouting excitement, ringing cowbells and encouraging everyone on course. Each lap came through the “Pit Zone” area that is full of team tents as well as the support crew which when added up exceeds the number of racers! You would have thought you were at the Olympics when the fans started to cheer the riders as they crested the final hill and descended the switch backs to the finish line or to go out on the next lap.


Give our athletes a big thanks next time you see them. Tyler Scholl, Nelson Oxley, Aaron Sanders, Kimo Sullivan, Brendan Droll and Will Cleveland represented the sophomore boys. Darby Howard raced the sophomore girls and Emma LaDue raced freshman girls. Eric Wettersten was our lone junior athlete.

The Colorado High School Mountain Bike League is not all about winning but participation and team spirit. Our team was 2nd place in the Team Spirit Award. They did a great job expressing our enthusiasm and showing our Mountain Bike Capital USA pride!


Granby Ranch will host the Colorado High School Mountain Bike League on September 24 and 25. This promises to be the most challenging race of the year for the league. Long climbs and classic Colorado singletrack will test each athletes endurance and ability. Our Middle Park team will race on Saturday, September 24. Mark your calendars and come out to cheer the team on! If you want to help out and volunteer you can sign up at, after all what event doesn’t need volunteers.

Beavers Sports Shop does a weekly group mountain bike ride every Friday at 6 pm from Beavers Sports Shop at the Best Western Hotel in downtown Winter Park. The ride is open to anyone of intermediate ability and above. The pace and type of trails are determined by the group. Come join us! Call 970-726-5988 for more info.

Looking for more information or want to get involved as a mountain biker? Like Grand Mountain Bike Alliance (GMBA) on Facebook. GMBA is your local mountain bike group. Check out Great site by the Winter Park Chamber! Keith Sanders is the President of the Grand Mountain Bike Alliance, 3x US National Mountain Bike Champion and owner of Beavers Sports Shop. You can reach me at [email protected]

Riding Rollins Pass

July 28, 2016

Article by: Keith Sanders in Sky-Hi Daily News

Last week I received a text from a friend. He and several others were riding from Winter Park to Boulder and wanted me to lead them to the top of Rollins Pass. I’m amazed how many people ride this route both to and from Boulder to Winter Park. Last summer Dirt Magazine did this ride and featured it in their June issue (this was through the efforts of the Winter Park Chamber and their bike marketing specialist).

Our ride started out like most group rides. Catching up with friends that you haven’t seen in a while, bikes needing work and the list of forgotten items. Getting any group going is much like taking a bunch of puppies on a walk. It seems so simple but focusing that attention in the right direction is a challenge. We finally rolled out of town and began our journey.


Getting to the trails is easy. Most were surprised how quickly we were on the first singletrack. Our ride began by rolling past Hideway Park then quickly onto the Meadow Trail. The Meadow Trail takes you into the Idlewild trail system which has many of my favorite trails. Rather than going direct to Rollins Pass I took a few “short cuts” in order to have a bit more fun. We rolled on classic trails such as Crosstrails, Winter Woods, Woops then on to Serendipity. Serendipity rolls through aspens and open areas that give you an amazing view of Byers Peak, Vasquez Wilderness area and those mountains to the south that tower over the valley and eventually terminates into Yankee Doodle. This allowed us to skip the bottom part of Yankee Doodle which is challenging do to terrain and steepness.

Yankee Doodle is one of my favorite close to town trails. The mid-to-upper section climbs well while the terrain is mixed just enough to give you some challenges. We topped out on Yankee Doodle then began the main climb of the day on the Rollins Pass road. If you aren’t aware, the Rollins Pass road is the old railroad grade that was in use before the Moffat Tunnel was built. You can get information at the Cozens Museum near the Rendezvous light across from the Rec Center on US Highway 40.

Rollins Pass is not a hard climb. The gentle grade made for trains lets you roll along. When we reached the intersection of Rollins Pass Road and Broken Thumb we hopped on the top part of Broken Thumb which at this point parallels the road but lets you ride a more fun option. One more climb led us to our next trail, the Riflesight trail.

The Riflesight trail is one of the most picturesque trails anywhere. You follow railroad bed while looking down on the Middle Fork of Ranch Creek directly below and the Indian Peaks Wilderness to the north. Mount Epworth looks like a sleeping giant that watches over the valley. Just past the intersection with the Moffat trail you can see the remains of railroad car wreckage below giving you a reality check on how dangerous travel in the mountains can be. After walking over a couple of old trestles you pedal to the end of the trail that is at the bottom of the old trestle near the intersection of the Rollins Pass road and Rogers Pass. Hike up the hill and then navigate the trail near the top of the trestle that allows you to reach the Rollins Pass road.

Our ride continued to the top of Rollins Pass on the road. Spectacular views constantly distract you. First, Mount Epworth, then the overall awe inspiring landscape that is so unique to the top of the Continental Divide as you ride above the tree line. When we reached the top we took a moment to take in the snowfields to the north and then said goodbye to the group and headed back down to Winter Park.


Our route down was slightly different than the ascent. Why not use gravity as our friend for once? When we reached Broken Thumb we descended it and then continued down on Twisted Ankle (this is one of my favorite trail combinations). A left at the bottom of Twisted Ankle then right on Ditch trail until it ends on Homestead. Left on Homestead and it will take you back to the Meadow Trail where you journey began.

This ride is a lot of fun, not too technical and should be on your list of rides to do. One word of caution, start early to avoid storms and be prepared with rain gear as well as a few layers. High elevation weather has a mind of its own. As many are aware you often come across trees that have fallen across the trail. Due the huge trail system here is nearly impossible to keep them all clear. If you do come across a downed tree email Headwaters Trails Alliance at [email protected]

Beavers Sports Shop does a weekly group mountain bike ride every Friday at 6 p.m. from Beavers Sports Shop at the Best Western Hotel in downtown Winter Park. The ride is open to anyone of intermediate ability and above. The pace and type of trails are determined by the group. Come join us! Call 970-726-5988 for more info.

Looking for more information or want to get involved as a mountain biker? Like Grand Mountain Bike Alliance (GMBA) on Facebook. GMBA is your local mountain bike group. Check out Great site by the Winter Park Chamber! Keith Sanders is the President of the Grand Mountain Bike Alliance, 3x US National Mountain Bike Champion and owner of Beavers Sports Shop. You can reach me at [email protected]

Flow Trails at Trestle Bike Park

Check out this berm-blasting, jump-scrubbing, foot-dangling action from Trestle Bike Park with Nate Hills and KrunkShox as they rip both natural and flow trails in Winter Park, Colorado  

Creekside and Flume Ride

A day riding in Mountain Bike Capital USA™ is a day well spent and if you stay for a weekend you likely won’t want to leave!  On Saturday we kicked off our ride from St. Louis Creek Campground in Fraser taking the Creekside trail, gorgeous! As you get closer to the creek the singletrack sets in and the ride becomes a little more difficult with less gravel, bigger rocks and more twists and turns. This is where the ride gets super fun and incredibly scenic with large beaver ponds, wildflowers and willows, I’m pretty sure I saw a moose! We rode to the end of Creekside and kept left on FS 159 to connect with Flume. The flow on this stretch of the ride is outstanding with moderate downhill descent and low key turns. I have to say, between the views, the fresh air and the freedom you can’t help but smile so I recommend checking for bugs in your teeth after the ride.

The trees open up to meadows of wildflowers and if you haven’t pieced it together, Flume gets its name from an old logging flume that parallels much of the ride. The trail goes through some aspen groves before reaching the scenic overlook where you can sit on a bench and enjoy amazing views of Byers Peak and St Louis Creek. From here you’re almost at the end of the ride, enjoy the last of the downhill and beautiful bridge crossing over St Louis Creek as you head back to the parking area. HOW FAR? 5.3 miles HOW LONG? Just over an hour HOW TO CELEBRATE? Beer and wings at The Pub in Winter Park If you haven't already, click HERE to check out the 2016 Trail Map!  

Rendezvous Mountain Bike Capital USA™ Weekend in Winter Park, July 9-10

Winter Park has been dubbed Mountain Bike Capital USA™ for good reason. For one, the terrain.There over 600 miles of trails for heart-thumping epic singletrack adventures and two outstanding bike parks for gravity-fed adrenaline. With trails easily accessible from town and the resorts, it’s easy to grab a burger and beer after a great ride. Secondly, the events. Winter Park is host to numerous bike races and events for the novice to the seasoned rider. And what events are coming up? The weekend of July 9-10 is the perfect excuse for riders of all levels to get out of town and head to Winter Park for the Rendezvous Mountain Bike Capital USA™ Weekend. Hideaway Park, in downtown Winter Park, is the hub for the weekend’s events. Saturday morning kicks off with the third race of the Epic Singletrack Rack Series for all levels of racers. Register at And for want-to- learn-more- skills casual biker, Winter Park is offering a free bike skills clinic for all ability levels. Space limited Just need to register to hold your spot. Additionally, there will be a talk by pro-rider Alison Powers, vendors to include bike fitting, massages, and nutritionist, free yoga class, and discount tickets for Winter Park Resort and Granby Ranch. For more event weekend details and to register, visit here.

Ahhhh, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Also on Saturday, July 9, is a brand spanking new Winter Park event for bikers and tequila aficionados, Tequila & Tacos Festival, from 1-4 pm. Enjoy live music by The Rick Lewis Project while you sample over 30 tequilas and tacos too. VIP tickets are $35 ($5 more on the day of the event), and GA tickets are $20 ($5 more on the day of the event). For detailed ticket info (the what all you get for your money), visit here. For all the scoop on the happenings in Winter Park, check out the Chamber’s website here.

How to Access Trails from Fraser and WP

Source: SkyHiDaily / Keith Sanders - Mountain Biking with Keith

It’s Fourth of July weekend and with that there will be lots of people out riding the trails! We are so fortunate to have such large high quality trail system. Not many places have trails that are so easily accessible. Being spoiled is a way of life as it is possible to ride to a trail from just about anywhere in Winter Park or Fraser. It’s easy to hop on the bike path behind Hideway Park (music and skateboard park) then onto the Meadow Trail and beyond. You can roll up Vasquez Road to Blue Sky or Sunset Pink you can even hop on the trails off of the Kings Crossing Road next to the railroad crossing. . A huge thanks to the Town of Winter Park for the trails they have build to make this happen! Leaving from Fraser?, just roll up the Elk Creek Road to Chainsaw or County Road 73 to the Givelo Trail, Creekside and beyond.

We have seen a huge effort to sign the trails and get out information that lets people use and be knowledgeable on the trail system, yet often times many of us don’t realize what a remarkable resource we have in our “backyard”. I recently took a ride with a friend Laurie. Laurie hadn’t been on a mountain bike in years. Although she lives here, many of the other world class opportunities such as hiking, golf and music tend to fill her free time. We had a great time riding. It was fun to see the smile and her face and here the excitement in her voice. We started out by rolling down the bike path from Winter Park to Fraser.

Our destination was the Givelo trail that begins at the Fraser Rodeo grounds. The Givelo trail parallels County Road 73 and is just a really fun yet easy singletrack. The perfect ride for beginners and kids while being a blast for the more experienced rider. Nothing too technical and virtually no change in pitch, just that feel good kind of trail. We continued on Northwest Passage as it seemed like the perfect extension to our ride. As we turned around and started back our conversations covered many subjects. One that struck me is that we have such an amazing resource in our trails but often times that gets overlooked by the very people who live here. We may be planning that next great adventure only to overlook a better experience right here.

We encountered a few other riders of all abilities with one common theme, they were all gleaming with smiles.


Often times we overlook some of the key things that are second nature to the experienced trail user. One which is very important - what to do when you encounter other riders and trail users.

Rather than creating a pecking order of who yields to who, I take the stance that every user should yield to the other user then evaluate the situation to determine if it is necessary to stop, step off of the trail, etc. It’s a common sense approach that places responsibility and action equally on all users. Even with this approach I have a few things that I do to make this work.

• Downhill traffic should yield to uphill traffic. It’s harder to get started going uphill.

• Be aware of your surroundings. Listen and watch out for other users. You shouldn’t surprise other users and on the other hand you shouldn’t be surprised when you encounter other users. It’s a two way street on this one.

• Always announce yourself before you encounter other trail users. Be friendly say hi, get a high five from the kids! You may make a new friend or pass your neighbor.

• Give kids extra room. After all they’re just kids.

• When encountering horses talk to the rider and figure out what the best way to pass. Don’t ever pass a horse without doing this. It’s dangerous for everyone involved.

• Never make other users yield to you. Your experience is no more important than mine or that of anyone else regardless of how you use the trail.

Use common sense and be friendly. Not only will your experience be better but your trail etiquette may just rub off on someone else.

Ride lots this holiday weekend and happy 4th to all!

Beavers Sports Shop does a weekly group mountain bike ride every Friday at 6 p.m. from Beavers Sports Shop at the Best Western Hotel in downtown Winter Park. The ride is open to anyone of intermediate ability and above. The pace is determined and type of trails are determined by the group. Come join us! Call 970-726-5988 for more info.

Looking for more information or want to get involved as a mountain biker? Like Grand Mountain Bike Alliance (GMBA) on Facebook. GMBA is your local mountain bike group. Check out Great site by the Winter Park Chamber! Keith Sanders is the President of the Grand Mountain Bike Alliance, 3x US National Mountain Bike Champion and owner of Beavers Sports Shop. You can reach him at [email protected]

10 Amazing Places to Ride Fat Bikes in Winter

Article by Nick Legan of

January 22, 2016  

1. Winter Park, Colorado (Yes, Winter Park came in at Number 1!)

Winter Park is dubbed “Mountain Bike Capital USA” and when it comes to fat biking it certainly delivers. This Fraser River Valley locale grants access to fat bikes at many of its Nordic centers and with a new fat bike race series, Winter Park is truly embracing two-wheeled winter fun. If traveling to the area, be sure to take care in the rarified air of 9,100 feet. Two popular fat bike trail systems near Winter Park are Snow Mountain Ranch and Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort. Snow Mountain Ranch/YMCA of the Rockies has 25 miles of trails where fat biking is permitted. Of those, 7.5 miles are singletrack, another 7.5 miles are multi-use for skiing, dogs and fat bikes, and additional 11 miles are for Nordic skiing and fat bikes. Its Nordic Center has a full fleet of fat bikes and hosts a series of fat bike races. Rentals run $60/day or $40/half day, and include a helmet. You’ll also need a $20 day trail pass that gives access to the ranch’s sledding hills, gym, pool, and ice skating rinks. More info at Devil’s Thumb offer fat biking on 16 miles of groomed trails. Bike rentals run $45/day and include a helmet. Whether renting or bringing your own bike, you’ll also need to buy a daily trail pass for $20. You can call ahead for availability and trail conditions at 970-726-8231, and you can find maps and other information at . Winter Park also has an online map of winter trails that can be found at  

Winter Park trails for Fat Biking, Winter Riding Tips

November 19, 2015

Article by: Keith Sanders

Early season snowfall has been great and it looks like we are setting up for a great season. Winter Park is open and early season conditions are going to be pretty darn good. Of course this means that the fat biking can be great!

I’m seeing more and more fat tire bikes on the trails. Fat bikes have become a mainstream form of trail use in the winter. I am constantly running into more people who have fat bikes. I know I love riding mine. Of course that doesn’t mean that I am giving up my skis. The majority of us live here for outdoor recreation and have the full complement of toys to meet that need. I’ve always told people that the cost of the toys isn’t the main factor, it is the remodel of the garage to make everything fit that will set you back a bit.

Fat biking has become another user on the winter trails. Trails close to town see a variety of users. Cross country skiers, snow shoe and fat bikes. I also see quite a few people out hiking on the trails as well. This is in part due to easy access to the trails and the high amount of use trails near town receive resulting in quite a bit of snow compaction. One thing I really like about riding my fat bike is that I can get away from most of the other users just as I would in the summer by riding a bit farther away from town. Most of the trails in the area are groomed for snowmobile use which by default creates a vast trail system that many of us enjoy . Once I am a mile or so from town about the only other users I see are other fat bike riders and snowmobilers. Fat biking lets me get away and enjoy winter in what seems like my own personal winter wonderland.

The recent storms have dropped quite a bit of snow. Trails are getting packed in, traction is great and staying warm is rarely an issue. One key thing that is often overlooked on fat tire biking is that the trails are actually smoother in the winter than summer. As snow pack builds the rocks and roots become covered leaving a smoother surface. Often your main concern is not the obstacle but taking your eyes off of the amazing views created by the removal of dead and fallen trees.


Just as in the summer you can hop on your fat bike and access the trail system at any of the trail heads in the area. The new trail construction by the Town of Winter Park makes this very easy from downtown and around Winter Park. For those of you who are new to Winter Park you can find some great maps at Two great access points near town are Leland Creek which is just over the railroad tracks on the Kings Crossing road. Another is Sunset Pink which is on Vasquez Road on the right just after you leave the paved portion (hint Vasquez Road goes straight- paved road curves to the right, if you pass the Woodspur Lodge you just missed it). These are great places to explore. Both trail accesses converge Sunset Pink and Sun Dog. Favorite trails in the area are WTB, D4, D3, Blue Sky. Leap Frog and D2. Stop by some of the local shops that do bikes in the summer for maps. The Winter Park Chamber has great maps as well.


A couple of tips for your next ride. Use a Camelback or similar hydration pack and not water bottles as the bottles will freeze. Remember you are going into a bit of a backcountry experience so be a bit prepared. I take some extra clothing just in case something goes wrong. That typically includes something to cover my face, handwarmers, easy to eat food (it freezes), extra gloves and a flashlight for any late afternoon excursions. Keep your cell phone in an interior pocket. Batteries get cold and most phones will not operate if they are too cold. Avoid heading down a trail that you are uncertain of how much it is packed or if the trails it leads to will be packed. If it is too soft you may be able to ride down but not back up resulting in having to hike. Not all trails will be packed. Be ready to take an alternative route that may take a bit of extra time to complete your ride. Above all have fun!

Winter Park in September: The trails Get Good when the Aspens Start to Turn

September 1st, 2015
Late summer in the high country is the perfect chance to explore the huge network of trails in the Winter Park and Fraser valley. With crisp autumnal mornings, the valley comes alive with the amazing color of the Aspens. At Bike Granby Ranch, the huge network of purpose built cross country trails meander through endless Aspen groves with views across the valley to Rocky Mountain National Park and the Indian Peaks Wilderness. The lifts at Granby Ranch keep turning until September 27th, making it the perfect Fall getaway to the high country. The fun doesn't stop at Trestle Bike Park either.

With Freeride Fridays continuing until September 4th, there's still time to get an evening gravity fix, or spend a long weekend in the hills. In addition, Trek demo days will be going down at Winter Park resort from September 9th - 11th, giving you the chance to ride the best alpine single track on brand new 2016 model year bikes.

Thinking of spending Labor Day in Winter Park? With 45 events going on over the three days, the town will be alive with concerts and happy hours. The Play Winter Park events calendar will give you the full run down. After three days of riding over the long weekend, the Devil's Thumb Ranch BBQ will be the perfect way to relax before heading home. The grill will be fired up at 11am and keep running through the afternoon. With fly casting lessons and other free activities going on during the day, it will keep everyone in the family occupied.

As the temperature begins to plummet, the valley shifts its focus from hero dirt to powder turns. In the last few years, the rise of fat bikes has extended the Winter Park riding season throughout the winter. With snow capable tires, and an increasing network of bike friendly groomed trails, fat bikes are the answer to keeping riding all year round. The valley has a number of places available to rent fat bikes if you'd like to give it a try. Check out our Winter Trail Map to find the best riding spots when the snow starts flying.

For the full run down of events taking place in September, head on over to the Play Winter Park calendar. With affordable lodging options & tons of great restaurants and activities to enjoy in Winter Park, the month of September is a perfect time to plan a getaway to Winter Park!  

Bikes and Beverages: Winter Park has you covered in August

August 1st, 2015
Imagine this: you wake up early, getting on your bike as the sun crests over the tops of the Indian Peaks to the east. The trail is deserted. Only you today. You ride up the beautiful Tipperary Creek among the blooming late summer wildflowers and then descend back to town on the flowing Flume Trail, and arrive in town just as live music is kicking off in Hideaway Park. Winter Park in August is overflowing with amazing events that complement bike riding perfectly, with the Winter Park Uncorked Wine Tasting event leading the festivities.

The brand new wine and food event is the perfect way to end a day on the mountain bike. With activities starting around noon, riders will have the chance to head out on our vast 600 mile singletrack network before coming back to town and relaxing in the park. Taking place on August 22nd, the event will feature live music from Jaden Carlson and Greg Holden, bar food and wine pairings throughout the afternoon, and a wine pairing dinner in the evening at Deno’s Mountain Bistro. The free event is open to all, with VIP options available.

For the competitive riders, the long running King of the Rockies mountain bike race is also taking place on August 22nd. The event as cemented its place as the finale of the Colorado mountain bike calendar, and as such attracts big fields to the trails around Winter Park. The racing gets going in the morning, giving you plenty of time to freshen up before heading into town to enjoy the afternoon.

If there’s one thing mountain bikers love as much as singletrack, it’s beer. With the booming craft brewing scene in Colorado, the Winter Park Beer Festival will return on August 8th with the reputation of being one of the top festivals in the state. "The Winter Park Beer Festival is a favorite among visitors & locals.” Said Jen Radueg, who is organising the festival. The Festival is offering tasty beers from over 35 different breweries, including Winter Park’s own favorites, Hideaway Park Brewery & The Library Sports Grille & Brewery. Once again Hideaway Park will offer the perfect laid back atmosphere for this much anticipated event. “many the breweries that attend tell us this is their favorite Festival of the year - and they attend a LOT of Fests!” continued Radueg.

Winter Park is now known as the best place for a complete mountain getaway, and the live music during the beer festival will only add to its stellar reputation. Headliner and Trout Steak Revival will both be playing over the weekend! To purchase Beer Fest tickets: Powered by Eventbrite

For the full run down of events taking place in August, head on over to the Play Winter Park calendar. With affordable lodging options & tons of great restaurants and activities to enjoy in Winter Park, the month of August is a perfect time to plan a getaway to Winter Park!  

 Mountain Bike Capital USA Weekend is coming to Winter Park on July 11th-12th!

July 1, 2015

Mountain Bike Capital USAWeekend is set to return to Winter Park on July 11th and 2th, 2015, bringing cyclists and mountain lovers from across the USA to Winter Park, Colorado.

Combining the amazing trails in Winter Park with free concerts, skills tuition, and complimentary or discounted refreshments at local bars and restaurants, the Mountain Bike Capital USA™ Weekend provides entertainment for cyclists and their non-riding family and friends. Based around the beautiful downtown Hideaway Park in the center of Winter Park, the events will be running from 9am on Saturday July 11th, and extend into the afternoon and evening with a free concert. Rob Drabkin, a Winter Park local, will headline the afternoon’s festivities and will keep you entertained all afternoon with live music from 1-4 pm. You can sit back and relax with the beautiful backdrop of the Indian Peak Wilderness framing the entertainment.

Looking for a racing fix? The Epic Singletrack Series is a 20 year long fixture on the racing calendar in Colorado. Known for friendly vibes, amazing trails and a welcoming field of riders, the July 11th race will take in some of the best trails surrounding Winter Park. Starting from Hideaway Park in downtown Winter Park, the race will cover 17 miles of prime singletrack to the east of town. With a convenient finish in downtown, you can race your bike and be back in time to watch the music, too.

Want to get your zen on? Another "play" option is to come to Hideaway Park for yoga from 7:45-8:45am. Free class presented by Winter Park Mountain Lodge.

Women’s Quest Pros will be offering a skills clinic from 9am on July 11th lead by Alison Powers. Alison is one of the most successful cyclists in the United States, and the only cyclist to hold three national titles at the same time, in Criterium, Road, and Time Trial disciplines. The camp will focus on the skills you need to feel confident on your bike, ranging from how to ride in control and efficiently. The basic skill of riding a wheelie will be covered, with proper technique highlighted from the start: efficient wheelies relying on technique, not upper body strength and how to use them over different obstacles. On top of the bike skills, the session will give you guidance on nutrition for improved performance, how to stay injury free through strength training, and also bike fitting advice. Powers and the other coaches will run through bike set up for optimal riding: tire pressure, tire type, stem length, bar height, seat height, brake level reach/adjustment, suspension set up to riders weight and riding style. The session will finish right as the music gets going in Hideaway Park, and includes lunch and drink ticket to redeem during the Rob Drabkin concert, and two free drinks during the evening’s Tour de Bike event.

Register for the skills clinic here!

The Tour de Bike is the perfect finale to Saturday's entertainment. With many local establishments participating, cyclists can ride around town to make the most of drink deals at participating bars and restaurants. The whole town is getting behind the festivities, with many other live acts performing throughout the evening. Stop in at the Winter Park Information Center directly opposite Hideaway Park, where $10 buys you an event t-shirt, wristband & 2 drink tickets that you can redeem at local bars & restaurants.

The weekend fun continues on Sunday with a “ride the race course” organized group ride leaving from Hideaway Park at 9am. The skills groups will be friendly and accessible to all levels of cyclists, and aim to be back in Winter Park by lunch time. If instead you'd like to join us for a free yoga class from 9-10am for Fitness in the Park at Hideaway Park, please do. Local lodging properties and 97.3 KBCO are joining forces to offer a great deal on lodging during MBCUSA Weekend (Friday July 10th - Sunday July 13th). Contact participating properties directly and mention MBCUSA to book this deal:

Winter Park Property Management & Grand County Vacation Rentals | (970) 887-6030

  • 2 night minimum stay required. Offer based on availability
  • Valid at participating properties and units in Winter Park & Fraser including: Hi Country Haus, Meadowridge, Snowblaze, Timber Run Vista, Arrowhead, Summit Trail Lodge, Iron Horse, Twin Rivers, Byers View, Winter Park Lodge II, Founders Pointe.
  • Mention MBCUSA when booking call: 970.887.6030

Winter Park Mountain Lodge | (970) 726-4211

  • Must mention MBCUSA when booking
  • Offer based on availability
  • Call 970.726.4211 to book your stay

Wild Horse Inn | (970) 726-0456

  • 2 night minimum stay required. Offer based on availability
  • Gourmet breakfast is included.
  • No refunds provided. Balance upon cancelation is subject to re-booking minus $35 cancelation fee.

Beaver Village Management | (970) 726-5741

  • Valid for lodge rooms and 1 bedroom condos in the town of Winter Park.
  • Offer based on availability
  • Call 970.726.5741 and mention MBCUSA to book your stay

View current deals to book with one of our lodging sponsors!  

Winter Park: Authentic western towns with the backdrop of Rocky Mountain National Park. For Women’s events in June, there is no better place to ride a bike.

June 4, 2015

In June, Winter Park is offering a complete range of women’s events, from XC mountain bike racing, through to beginner clinics at Bike Granby Ranch, to downhill skills camps with some of the fastest women on two wheels at Trestle Bike Park.

Bike Granby Ranch She MTB Clinic

For the gravity curious women, Bike Granby Ranch is once again offering its hugely successful SHE MTB Clinic. The riding day takes place at the bike park at Granby Ranch, making use of the terrain to teach a range of fundamentals on downhill technique. The clinics will be lead by Barb Allan, a long time mountain bike racer and Physical Therapist. Barb has stellar reviews from her past students. Katie Branham, a newcomer to Colorado, wanted to dive in the deep end with learning how to ride downhill with confidence: “I really wanted to try downhill riding, but I was a little intimidated. Barb provided great instruction to our group on everything from loading the lift to proper body position on the switchbacks. There are still pointers from that clinic I use regularly when I'm on a cross country trail or riding downhill.”

For Allan, running the clinics is all about understanding the individual needs of her riders “I always ask them what they want out of the day. The group is small enough that I can tailor the schedule to what each rider wants to learn”. The process seems to be working, and Allan expects the clinic to sell out again this year.

The She MTB Camp doesn’t end with the riding however, the après-ride food and wine tasting at the Granby Ranch Grill is worth the price in itself. Stacey Overton, another of Barb’s success stories was impressed with the riding and the food, “Barb was an amazing instructor. She was so patient and this clinic was truly for any skill level. On top of that, the wine and food after the clinic was epic. It was seriously one of the best wine tastings I've been too... all after a day in the dirt.”

The She MTB Clinic runs from 11am - 6pm on June 27th, and is ideal for new and improving downhill riders looking for personal coaching in a friendly environment. The clinic costs $90 including food and wine tasting, or $160 with full rental bike and protective gear included. For more information, please check out the Winter Park Calendar.

Gravity Goddess Camps at Trestle Bike Park

In addition to the beginner friendly clinics at Granby, Trestle Bike Park School is bringing back their women’s specific Gravity Goddess camps for the eighth year. These freeride and downhill camps use state of the art tuition, including video analysis, to enhance your riding and racing technique. Aimed at the intermediate to advanced rider looking to improve their downhill confidence, riders will explore the entire park over two days, while focusing on specific skills and features. The camps sold out in 2014, and are expected to be just as popular this year. Lindsay Yost is the head women’s coach at Trestle Bike Park. She is also one of the fastest downhill racers in the US. In between stops racing on the ProGRT circuit, Lindsay can be found riding the lifts at Trestle Bike Park. She explains what is so special about taking a camp at Trestle: “The terrain is so progressive at the bike park. It’s really easy to move up from the easier trails to more challenging terrain. 90% of riding is about confidence, and seeing other people ride features is the best way to do it yourself.” With a focus on building camaraderie throughout the two-day camp, Lindsay has found that women can push themselves beyond what they thought was possible. Combined with the expert eye of Yost, who has now taught the camp for four years, there is no better way to progress in downhill riding.

This proved very true for Kim Godfrey. One of Lindsay’s first students, Kim is now a coach in her own right “I was just so stoked on bikes, and having Lindsay to coach me just made it all better.” On arriving at the Gravity Goddess camp for the first time, Kim was an enthusiastic cat 2 racer. Now she is also racing on the ProGRT circuit herself, with an impressive 4th place finish at the most recent round in New Jersey. “Getting rowdy and going fast on bikes is not just for the boys,” Godfrey continues “Riding fast with other girls is a great feeling. Being there when everything clicks and seeing someone make that progression is why I love coaching.”

The Gravity Goddess camps utilize the entire Trestle Bike Park, and offer up coaching, bike rental and lift tickets for an unmatched price.  

The two-day camp will be running twice this summer: June 27th and 28th, and August 22nd & 23rd. The Gravity Goddess Camps is priced at $199.99 including lift tickets, or $269.99 with lift tickets and rental equipment. To reserve your space at the camp, take a look at the Trestle Bike Park website. As well as downhill riding, the XC scene in Winter Park is alive and well. The women’s fields at the Epic Singletrack series are growing every year with friendly smiling faces. The series gets going on June 13th with the famous Winter Park Hill Climb. The short but steep course is sure to challenge everyone in the race, and has the reward of riding back to the base area after the race where beer and burgers will be waiting. The Hill Climb is the first in the six race series that offers equal prizes for the men’s and women’s events.

Winter Park Riding Opportunities and Summer 2015 Event Overview

May 22, 2015
With two lift-served bike parks, miles of world-class handbuilt singletrack, and a network of family friendly bike paths, Grand County has you covered for family vacations, weekend trips and mountain bike events all summer long. Winter Park and surrounding valley is home to Mountain Bike Capital USA™. As the snow melts in the high country, Winter Park, Fraser and Granby Ranch are ready to welcome you to the valley for a season of outdoor fun. The towns of Winter Park and Fraser are ready for family activities and awesome meals. Weekly live entertainment and summer rodeos are just a couple of the options to entertain everyone, not just the cyclists in the family. Our summer events calendar is packed every day of the week, starting now!

The riding season in Winter Park starts in the Spring and continues through until late Fall. The lower elevation singletrack is dry and riding fast, making for great early season loops in the trees. As the snow melts, more and more trails dry out, allowing for extended cross country rides. The Winter Park interactive trail map is the best tool to plan your day in the hills. The grading system ensures you can prepare a great ride no matter what your goal is. A local’s favorite is the Creekside - Flume loop. A great early season opener, the Flume trail is a mellow downhill running alongside the creek. Its mix of rooty turns and tree-lined singletrack is accessible for beginner and intermediate riders, or the perfect warm up for a longer ride. Just three miles from Fraser itself, you can finish your ride with a beer and a burger in town.

The earliest gravity fix in Colorado can be found at Granby Ranch's bike park. Slated to open today (however delayed due to weather), two weeks before any other lift accessed park in Colorado, the bike park has seven beginner and intermediate trails to play on. The bike park was host to the US National Championships in 2009 and 2010, a testament to the world-class trails at the park. The cougar trail, a double black diamond route that parallels the Quick Draw lift is renowned as one of the toughest trails in the USA. For those that want a gentler introduction to lift-accessed mountain biking, the Silky Johnson trail is the place to start. With a full service rental shop and restaurant at the base area, Bike Granby Ranch is a family friendly resort that caters to first time mountain bikers as well as professional racers.

The Trestle Bike Park at Winter Park Resort is world famous for its lift-accessed terrain. The professionally built bike park opens on June 13th with a range of trails suitable for first timers and experienced riders alike. From the top of the Zephyr Express lift at 10,700 feet, take the Shy Ann trail back to the base area. The intermediate level trail is a great place to hone your skills on perfectly groomed bermed turns and table top jumps. With 1,700 feet of elevation to play with, and top class equipment rental available at the resort, Trestle Bike Park is accessible to all riders. The Colorado Freeride Festival returns to Trestle Bike Park on July 23-26. The three day event will showcase international talent in Enduro, Cross-Country and Slopestyle competitions. Combine a day riding at the park with watching the slopestyle competition for a great weekend away.

Need a guide? With a huge array of trails for all abilities, sometimes it’s easier to follow a local around. Trestle Bike Park School offers private and group coaching, as well as guiding options. The certified coaches offer lessons seven days a week in the summer, ranging from the beginner friendly Intro to Trestle class, which includes bike rental, through to the Trestle 400 class for the aspiring professional downhiller.

Coming back for a second year are the women’s specific Gravity Goddess camps. Run by Trestle Bike Park School these women only camps use state of the art tuition, including video analysis, to enhance your riding. Over the course of two days, riders will explore the entire park while focussing on specific skills and features. The camps sold out in 2014, and are expected to be even more popular this year. In addition to the Gravity Goddess camps, Bike Granby Ranch is offering the She MTB Women’s Mountain Biking Clinic on June 27. The three hour session will make use of the terrain at Bike Granby Ranch to work on beginner and intermediate skills. The day will finish off with appetizers and wine tasting at Granby Ranch Grill.

Mountain Bike racing has been running in Winter Park for well over 20 years. The Epic Singletrack series is renowned as the friendliest race series in the state. With activities centered around the Winter Park resort base area, it’s easy for the family to enjoy the alpine slide or the village activities while the racing happens. The series begins on June 13 with the Exel Roofing Hill Climb, a steep five course through the pine trees of Winter Park resort, topping out at 11,102 feet. View the full Epic Singletrack series, including course details, on the Epic Singletrack series website. The series wraps up in August with the King of the Rockies, a 25 mile XC epic on the famed Tipperary Creek trail. With the race finishing at Winter Park resort village, there will be celebrations into the evening.

Winter Park, Mountain Bike Capital USA™, is the ultimate mountain destination for your family vacation, or long weekend away from the city. The huge array of riding options, combined with three vibrant western towns make Winter Park a unique and charming summer holiday or getaway spot. For more information, check out!