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Ways to Bike This Winter

Winter Biking: Fat Bikes and Ski Bikes

Winter Park is Colorado's favorite Playground. And with two downhill bike parks, countless bike events and races, and over 600 miles of mountain bike trails, it's no wonder that we also go by "Mountain Bike Capital, USA™.

When it comes to mountain biking, our summer season is so sweet! But did you know that our area’s bike fun continues all year long? In fact, there are a couple cool ways to stay on a mountain bike up here, even in the winter! Because when you love biking this much, why not enjoy winter biking too?

Fat Biking

One recent trend in trail biking is the fat bike. These aptly named bicycles are unique for their unique snow tires, which can measure nearly five inches in diameter. The fat tires provide plenty of surface area to roll right along on snowy trails.

Fat bikers are invited to ride on our numerous nearby National Forest Trails. Devil’s Thumb Ranch also offers trails designated specifically for fat biking, and features fat bike rentals too.

Ski Biking

Yet another way to get on a bike in the snowy season is ski biking. These ski bikes are basically a bicycle frame fitted with a pair of skis instead of wheels. This allows riders to enjoy a truly unique bike ride on a downhill ski trail!

Winter Park Resort offers ski bike rentals, lessons, and tours, which makes the Resort a great place to get into ski biking.

More Winter Fun

In addition to fat biking and ski biking, there are plenty of other ways to wander in the winter season. There is alpine skiing and snowboarding at Winter Park Resort and Ski Granby Ranch.

There are ample options for cross-country skiing too. Snowshoeing is another great way to tour the serene snow-covered mountainsides as well.

Even more wonderful winter activities abound in our neck of the woods, both indoors and out. 

Ski Biking at Winter Park Resort

Ski Biking in Winter Park

Fat Biking at Snow Mountain Ranch near Winter Park, Colorado

Fat Biking

Ski Bike

Winter Biking in Winter Park