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We highly recommend calling for reservations

Looking for an authentic train ride? Unless your are coming or going on Amtrak to our valley, there is a day trip option nearby. On the other side of Berthoud Pass, about 45 minutes from Winter Park, lies the Georgetown Loop Railroad. It brings Colorado history to life in a fun adventure that will thrill the entire family. The beauty of the rugged Rocky Mountains surrounds you as an old-time steam locomotive or a powerful diesel locomotives that winds up the Clear Creek canyon, hauling your train past the remains of several gold and silver mines.

The Loop takes you between Georgetown and Silver Plume, over 2 miles apart, and the tracks scale an elevation of 640 feet over mountainous terrain, requiring trestles, cuts, fills, loops, and curves totaling 3.1 miles of narrow gauge track. Today the Loop is once again a popular tourist attraction and an exceptional way to see the Clear Creek Valley. Along the route visitors may stop for a guided tour of the historic Lebanon Silver Mine (mine tour not recommended for children under the age of five), and view wildlife in their natural habitat.

Departures are available from the Silver Plume Depot or Devil’s Gate Station in Georgetown during the regular season (end of April through mid-October). Trains operating after Columbus Day only operate from the Devil’s Gate Station in Georgetown.

We highly recommend calling for reservations so that you aren’t disappointed when you arrive for departure.