Spring & Fall Packing List

What to pack for a spring or fall getaway to Winter Park made easier with these tips.

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Can’t decide what to bring besides your toothbrush and swimsuit?

Anything goes in the high country when it comes to the weather. We love to hike, bike, look for wildlife, get out on the lake, or just relax. Be prepared, the weather changes suddenly and you should be ready for anything from sun to snow showers.

Clothing & Equipment:

  • We recommend bringing waterproof pants or a nylon shell, warm pants, breathable layers, fleece, gloves, a hats for sun protection and warmth.
  • Don’t forget warm socks and waterproof boots for hiking.
  • Sunglasses are a must at any time of year here in Grand County.
  • Jeans, a nice shirt and a sweater make the perfect “going out to dinner” outfit here in Colorado Casual Grand County.
  • Don’t forget your swimsuit as we keep the hot-tubs hot year round!
  • Make sure to bring glasses and contact lenses, sunscreen, bug repellent, any prescription drugs that you are taking.
  • Binoculars are an excellent addition in the spring and fall as the wildlife come out to play when there are less visitors in town.
  • You will also want your camera to capture those memories of a moose family in a late May snowstorm or the aspens in the September sunshine!

Remember your driver’s license or identification, credit card and health insurance cards. It’s always nice to have your MP3 player, books and phone on hand.

Of course, if you did forget anything or just like to shop, we have an excellent selection of retail stores here in the Winter Park & Fraser Valley. You will be able to pick up whatever you left at home or something new! Spring and Fall are great times to hit the sales on equipment and outerwear as well. In the Spring, you can purchase skis and snowboards for a steal and in the Fall, watch for bikes and skateboards on sale!