Your Basecamp to Rocky Mountain National Park

Welcome to Winter Park - the best possible basecamp to enjoy all that Rocky Mountain National Park has to offer.

Just because you’re all grown up, it doesn’t mean you have to stop playing. Welcome to Winter Park – your grown-up playground and the best possible basecamp to enjoy all that the Rocky Mountains have to offer. And since Winter Park is only 37 miles from Rocky Mountain National Park, even more mountain adventures are easily within reach, and your smile will be even bigger on the way back home.

Map of Rocky Mountain National Park Scenic Loop From Winter Park, through Rocky Mountain National Park, and Back to Denver

A Perfect Basecamp

Some say a mountain town is a mountain town. That you can mountain bike, hike, and play anywhere. But not every mountain town can claim the title of “Mountain Bike Capital USA™.” Not every town is known as Colorado’s favorite playground, brimming with adventures from an Alpine Slide to hot air balloon rides, ziplining to water sports. Truth is, Winter Park hosts any mountain adventure you can imagine. With accommodations ranging from cozy cottages to luxurious condominiums, Winter Park is the perfect basecamp to Rocky Mountain National Park. Read on for our top 8 ways to explore your basecamp – Winter Park.


A family hikes through a meadow surrounded by Rocky Mountain peaks in Winter Park, Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park Scenic Loop

Your inner child wants to see it all, fast. Get all the mountain adventure you can into one weekend with the Rocky Mountain National Park Scenic Loop. Along the drive, take in natural attractions, observe wildlife, enjoy scenic vistas and indescribable occurrences. Just don’t miss a thing, and experience Rocky Mountain National Park in one scenic loop that is sure to please before resting at the perfect basecamp—Winter Park. Check out our top 3 can’t-miss stops on your mountain adventure.


View from the stage of a Winter Park Music Festival with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop

Summer Event Guide

After exploring Rocky Mountain National Park, extend your stay in Winter Park. With signature summer events that please all ages, Colorado’s favorite playground just got more enjoyable than ever, and even the grown ups are invited to play.