Live, Work & Play Here

Valuable information for those who live, work and play here in Winter Park-Fraser Colorado. -

There’s a variety of reasons we chose this valley…what’s yours?

We hear all kinds of reasons as to why locals and second homeowners chose Winter Park & the Fraser Valley over other great destination resorts. From “I came for the winter, stayed for the summer” to “everything was authentic and the people were friendly, so I decided it would be a great place to raise my family” to “my car broke down as I was passing through and I fell in love with the towns before it was fixed”. As you can well imagine, there are infinite reasons why folks chose to live here, work here…and quite often it’s because they live to play.

This section is dedicated to help those who are considering moving here (either personally or to bring their business here), have just moved here or play here regularly and need to get established with local services, whether one needs a realtor, trash removal, church or medical center.

We’re still gathering all of our resources to assist you, but have some information available to hopefully get you started. If ever in need of a friendly local face, stop by or call (970.726.4118) the Winter Park Visitor Center for help.