600 miles of hiking throughout Winter Park & the surrounding valley. Trail maps are also available at the Winter Park Visitor Center.

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Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to the woods we go!

With hundreds of miles to explore, you are bound to find a hiking trail that has what you’re looking for. Go for a day hike, an overnight trip, scenic vistas, waterfalls, or high alpine lakes. You name it.

Click Here for the map from The Official Mountain Bike & Trail Guide to Winter Park & the surrounding valley. Please note that trails are multi-use for hikers, bikers, cross-country skiers and snowshoers.

Click Here for our list of favorite day hikes to help you see more of Grand County!

More Hiking Maps from the Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest Service

High Altitude Awareness

BE PREPARED for Colorado’s ever-changing weather conditions. Afternoon thunderstorms are common in summer so bring a rain jacket, warm layers of clothing, and gloves even on sunny days. Protect yourself from the sun by wearing a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses. At high-altitude, dehydration sets in rapidly be sure to carry plenty of water, and do not drink from alpine rivers, lakes or streams. Pack high carbohydrate snacks such as energy bars. Lastly, always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.



With the pine beetle affecting many of our forested areas and the US Forest Service managing tree removal and healthy reforestation, be sure to check with the US Forest Service on trail closures and conditions: