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A Perfect Basecamp

Why does Winter Park make the perfect Basecamp to Rocky Mountain National Park? With over 600 miles of trails for mountain biking and hiking, an Alpine Slide that's sure to excite, an extensive water playground, and more, surely your inner child can find plenty to do in between Rocky Mountain National Park adventures. Read on for our top 8 ways to experience our favorite Rocky Mountain Basecamp activities, and plan your ultimate summer vacation to Colorado's favorite playground. lodging

1. Set Up Your Basecamp

What good is a basecamp without a place to stay? Whether you prefer a cozy cabin or a luxurious condominium, a guest ranch or an economical motel, Winter Park has a lodging option to suit your preferences. Search for the perfect property where you can rest up for Rocky Mountain Park adventures throughout your stay. Mountain Biking

2. Mountain Bike Capital USA™

Winter Park is proud to be known as Mountain Bike Capital USA™. With more trails than you can ride in a weekend that range from beginner to difficult, you are sure to find the perfect mountain bike experience. Load up on gear at one of our experienced outfitters, and get planning! Hiking in Winter Park

3. Hiking

You name it, we have it. From day hikes to overnight treks, scenic vistas to alpine lakes, Winter Park has access to the best hiking around. Choose your perfect hike based on difficulty, length, and scenery from our Local's Favorite Day Hikes, or find your own favorite using the following resources: summer tubing

4. Resort Fun

Think Winter Park is only for those who love snow? Think again. Come summer, Winter Park turns into a popular high-altitude destination buzzing with fun-filled activities sure to entertain. With events ranging from an Alpine Slide to a human maze, scenic chairlift rides to summer tubing, Winter Park is the perfect basecamp for all of your rocky mountain adventures. Check out the local resorts for your choice of play: Winter Park Resort, Granby Ranch, Snow Mountain Ranch/YMCA, and Devil's Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa. Tip: Stop by Winter Park Information Center and purchase a $5 discounted full day Adventure Pass voucher to get the most out of your full day of Winter Park Resort fun. Mountain Ziplining

5. High Altitude Fun

Located at about 9,000 feet, Winter Park is already full of high altitude fun. But adventure-seekers can get even higher with unique experiences such as hot air balloon rides or zipline tours. View wildlife and pick pinecones from the tops of the trees during a lower-altitude hot air balloon trip, or marvel at the spectacular Rocky Mountain peaks from a higher-altitude trip. Or get a little closer to nature and fly at up to 40 miles per hour through the trees on a thrilling zipline tour. Whatever your high altitude style, Winter Park has it, and we're happy to share the once-in-a-lifetime experience with you. Pole Creek Golf Course

6. Golf

With our gorgeous, high altitude golf course, there's nothing slowing your drive in Winter Park. Golf at 9,000 feet, and find out why Pole Creek golfers have to stop their golf carts around every bend to take in the breathtaking scenery. If you want to hit more than one course, you'll have access to three more courses in the area. Since each course is near the next, it's easy to hit all 4 in one day if you're up for it. rafting

7. Water Sports

Seeking thrills, chills, and unbeatable adventure? Our extensive water playground offers activities such as rafting, kayaking, boating, and stand up paddling. With a variety of rivers and lakes to suit your preferences, you won't know where to begin when it comes to this big of a playground. Shopping

8. Rest & Relaxation

Just need a break? Sometimes when you play hard, you need to rest easy. Visit one of our spas, salons, or wellness centers offering an array of services including massage, acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy, and more, and pamper yourself in luxury. Looking to spend some downtime downtown? Winter Park offers plenty of shopping and dining, and we keep it simple and easy. With 45 unique shops featuring clothing, art, jewelry, souvenirs, and more, you will find plenty of great places to stroll through on a leisurely afternoon. travel-planner